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(Review) Coromega and My Favorite Coconut Smoothie for a Perfect Match of Omega-3 Boosting Nutrients!

April 28, 2017 by Bob Hannum

Exciting New Addition to Smoothie Recipes

Coromega has just developed new Coromega Max – a potent omega-3 squeeze designed to give you healthy fats for a healthy life!

I particularly like these ‘shots’ as an alternative to the giant fish oil capsules prescribed by my doctor to reduce moderately high cholesterol. And these shots produce no fishy aftertaste.

Amazing Benefits of Omega-3

Coromega Max Coconut Flavored Omega-3As I mentioned above, my doctor prescripes Omega-3's for their proven heart-healthy benefits.

But that's just one of the many benefits of Omega-3. Researchers have discovered that this natural nutrient also boosts energy, helps relieve joint pain and adds a measure of protection for your brain against Alzheimer's and dimentia.

I’m struck by the affordability of this high-quality product. Coromega has a powerful 2,400mg of Omega-3 fatty acids including DHA+EPA to deliver the maximum health benefits for the heart, body and mind. Order online today for a great discount.

Plus, this delicious formula is uniquely emulsified to provide 300% better absorption than standard soft gels. And Coromega Max delivers the optimum omega-3 for the elite athlete in all of us.

Add Omega-3 to the Amazing Benefits of Coconut

I add Coromega's new 'Max Super High Omega-3 Coconut Bliss' shot to my favorite morning and evening coconut smoothie for even more nutritional benefits.

Omega-3s and coconuts have been used medicinally for ages to remedy skin problems and digestive ailments.

Now exciting research is underway to explore additional health benefits of the coconut. Studies are looking at anti-cancer effects, anti-inflammatory properties and even anti-aging benefits.

Try My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Coconut Orange Banana Bliss

½ Coconut meat and all the coconut water
½  Orange – without the rind
1 Coromega Max Coconut Bliss Super High Omega-3 Shot
1 Banana and a dash of Cinnamon

Try their other great flavor, too – Citrus Burst – by itself or in your favorite smoothie

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