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Fresh juice provides your body with:

No wonder juicing is so popular! And now it’s easier than ever before to make your own delicious, fresh and healing juice at home with my new ebook!

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Are You Eating Enough Fruits & Vegetables?

Research shows that most of us aren’t, and this is very bad news!
The latest dietary guidelines call for 7 or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables DAILY.
But really who has the time or energy to prepare and eat that much?
That’s why juicing is more and more popular. Plus, studies show that fresh fruit and vegetable juices retain most of the vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant chemicals that are found in whole foods.
In other words, juicing is a fast and easy way to get your recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, PLUS insure you're getting all the important nutrients from fresh whole foods you wouldn’t normally eat.
Unfortunately, buying a fresh juice at a juice bar is expensive … not to mention the inconvenience of battling traffic or weather to get to the nearest location.


That’s why I’ve created an ebook that reveals over 275 delicious juice recipes that you can quickly, easily and inexpensively make from home.
INTRODUCINGUltimate Juicing Recipes & Tips - 5th Edition: Over 275 Delicious Recipes Based On the Latest Nutritional Discoveries.” You can download it immediately to any computer or ereader.
This ebook is filled with recipes based on the latest scientific research AND ancient medicinal traditions because, after all, many of our modern medicines were 'discovered' by studying folk remedies. Willow bark (aspirin) and valerian root (valium) are just 2 examples.
That’s right, if you have a particular illness or health concern this new ebook has a recipe to fight it based on scientific research.
While you enjoy a glass of delicious fresh juice, you can also target your health concerns such as weight loss, anti-aging, more energy, better sex, or fighting diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many more!
These Recipes Have Done Wonders for My Own Health & I’m Positive They'll Do the Same for You!
Hello, my name is Bob Hannum and I’m the 'Juicing Expert' at I juice daily with recipes to keep my wife's breast cancer in remission, and to improve my health. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you everything I've learned about juicing and smoothies. My juicing journey has been unusual - let me briefly tell you about it.
I don’t eat a lot of junk food, I’m not overweight, and I exercise daily – I'm even a Pilates instructor!


But there’s just one problem – I never ate all the fruits and vegetables we’re supposed to eat every day. Who does? Like most people I seriously don’t think I EVER ate the minimum daily requirement of fresh fruits and veggies … not one single day in my entire life!
Luckily, I was still able to enjoy excellent health – that is until I turned 50 and I started to develop some health issues.
Needless to say, I became alarmed! I spend so much time on exercise and healthy living that I should NEVER EVER have any health problems!
But I did, and when I sought my doctor's help I was absolutely shocked to find out that all he could do for me was put me on medications that didn’t agree with me.
I wasn’t going to live the rest of my life with these medications and their unpleasant side effects so I began doing research and was startled to learn that a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to so many health problems from heart disease to cancer!


What surprised me even more was learning that many of our health problems can be cured - yes cured! – by regularly consuming certain combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables!
Nutritional research is exploding with new and exciting discoveries about special nutrients in fruits and vegetables that can heal illness and extend our lives!
I became so excited that I decided to create an ebook filled with all these special recipes and thrilling information.

I’m not trying to make money off your illness. I want to help you and I'm fed up with a medical system that often fails to acknowledge treatments that it cannot profit from.


I want you to get the fruits and vegetables you need to improve your health and that’s why I’m offering this ebook for only $4.97. You can download it immediately.
So what are you waiting for? Order “Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips” today for a special low price and get on the fast track to better health!


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P.S. You can find tons of free juice recipes on the internet, but they don’t say how these fruits or veggies help, or they don’t cite sources, or they just don't keep up with the latest research and thus don't have the best combinations of fruits and veggies to fight a particular health problem! That’s why you need to order "Ultimate Juicing Recipes & Tips - 5th Edition." Order now.
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