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(Review) New Ready-Made Flash-Frozen Juice Cleanse

Raw Generation Protein Cleanse

April 2, 2017 by Bob Hannum

This new product by Raw Generation comes next-day delivery fresh frozen.

Made with all-natural ingredients – fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices – in 6 different flavors, it’s specially formulated to deliver the most powerful juice cleanse for however many days you wish. And specially frozen to preserve more nutrients than any other cleanse product you can buy – second only to making it yourself and drinking it right away!

No added anything! I’m particularly glad there’s no added sweeteners, because more and more doctors now agree that we all eat too much sugar and it’s the leading cause of inflammation and obesity. And sugar is sugar even if it’s the best organic alternative.

Each of the 6 Raw Generation flavors are delicious, even without added sweeteners.

But none of this is the best part!

Why a Juice Cleanse Is So Important

Toxins in our food, air and water, plus stress, overeating, lack of sleep and overwork – these are all great reasons to consider a juice cleanse from time to time. But none of these reasons were as important to me as this.
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Why I Never Did a Juice Cleanse

You see, even though I’m a fresh juice and smoothie fanatic, I’m also an exercise freak. I need it every day.

Friends who cleanse tell me it is truly wonderful for the body, but best done on easy days, because you just won’t have as much energy. Well I don’t have the time for an easy day, and I don’t want to interrupt my daily exercise routine, so I never did a juice cleanse.

Then Raw Generation challenged me with their Protein Cleanse specially designed to keep you strong and energized without stimulants or sweeteners, no matter how busy you are.

I was skeptical. A couple of my workouts each week are high intensity and I usually need an extra boost. Anything like a cleanse that even slightly lowers my energy just won’t cut it. But if Raw Generation’s new Protein Cleanse really delivers as promised, I and many super-active people can finally add a periodic cleansing to our busy lifestyles.

So I tried their 3-day cleanse, eating nothing other than the 6 suggested 16 oz bottles of ready-made juices and smoothies each day, supplemented with as much water as I wanted.

Raw Generation’s simple one-page instructions say I can mix and match any of the 6 flavors throughout the day, anytime I wanted. And I didn’t skimp on my daily workout including a high-intensity one.

Amazing! Just amazing. I felt no lack of energy. In fact, I felt more! And I didn’t miss food except the first evening when I mildly craved my usual late night snack, which by the way I could have eaten as Raw Generation explains, as long as it didn’t contain wheat or sugar.

Raw Generation suggests going easy on caffeine, but no need to go cold turkey.
I’m so impressed that my wife decided to try it as well – she’s doing the Skinny Cleanse designed to support weight loss while you cleanse.

And One More Point

I just want to say a few words about the recipes because they’re quite special. Raw Generation has taken great care to create truly fresh and bright tasting recipes without added sweeteners. This is no small task. I know since my niche is recipes without added sweeteners. It’s hard to do if you want a truly full-bodied clear bright fresh flavor and each of their 6 distinct flavors are absolutely outstanding.

Wrapping It Up

More and more people are discovering the power of juice and smoothie cleansing for a variety of healthy reasons - weight loss, detox, added energy, better skin and much more.

Now with Raw Generation you can have a powerful cleanse with the highest quality fresh organic ingredients and no added sweeteners, flash-frozen to preserve the maximum nutrition, and without interrupting even the most active schedule.
Try it!

Order direct from Raw Generation for a huge discount!

Editor's Note

No fees or products were received in exchange for this review.


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